About HUNTING/HER HR-Partners ®

Who we are

HUNTING HER is a leading Headhunting agency focused on female executive search & gender diversity solutions. Based in Hamburg/Germany HUNTING HER ® is operating worldwide by its international network of HR-Partners.


As a specialized Headhunting Consultingfirm we are placing highly qualified executives into ambitious positions – mostly within the german-spoken Area of Europe.


Our Companies Historie


In 2001, our first HR Consulting firm MUM OutPlacement was founded by former CEO Manfred Boehnke. In 2002, his son Chris who worked before some Years in a German-wide operating HR Consultancy has founded JOBHUNTERS/Online. After this years of experience of placing clients in various positions, we expanded our commitment to female leadership: In 2007, we developed our concept "female executive search" and in 2012 we relaunched the Brand HUNTING/HER ® and the HUNTING/HER HR-Partners KG based in Hamburg, Germany.

Today HUNTING HER is the leading HR Consultancy specialized in female recruitment within the German-spoken part of Europe.

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